About Us


Union 12 Design is an apparel design and production studio specializing in awesome gear! We are a team of thinkers, designers and magic makers in New Canaan, Connecticut. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes on projects big and small where logo wear depends on both smart design and product innovation. Our job is to enrich communities with a sense of pride, to create moments that truly matter to our customers and people around them. We do this by curating a “collection”—an idea, a brand, an experience—that serves as a playbook for everyone who believes in coming together for love of cool gear.


Daren D'Andrea, co-founder, is the creative force behind union12, putting his Pratt pedigree to higher use after spending 20 years leading design and innovations for a prestigious luxury label. Daren’s design, engineering, sourcing and manufacturing roots push boundaries for union12.

Leah Kittredge, co-founder, is the engine that keeps union12 humming. She spent years as the HR Director at an asset management firm, honing her skills in Operations and Talent Management. For union12, Leah is focused on high quality customer experience and operational excellence.