Our Team

We are a small design studio based in New Canaan, CT, founded by Daren D’Andrea and Leah Kittredge. Our studio integrates apparel design and production services fueled by our passion for youth sports and cool, authentic, gear. 

Many shops offer decent sports apparel. We’d like to think Union12 is different because we are empowered by a community that stands behind us.  We are not a team of two. We are a team of thousands of parents, players, and fans who unite for a common purpose: love of the game and of course, gear. We believe that a team’s brand is only as good as the players who write the story. We hope to tell those stories through authentic designs, high quality products, and old school service.

Shop with Union12 because you believe in uniting for the greater good. Our hope is that every item you purchase from us evokes a sense of belonging, a sense of pride for taking part in something truly special. Are you with us?

Co-captains of our Team

Daren D'Andrea is the creative force behind Union12, putting his Pratt pedigree to higher use after spending 20 years leading design and innovations for a prestigious luxury label. His industrial design, engineering, and manufacturing roots run deep for Union12.

Leah Kittredge spent several years in financial services before she realized that early childhood education was her passion. As a teacher, Leah has touched the hearts of families and shaped the future of her many students. She continues her journey with Union12 where she is focused on delivering an enriching experience for customers.